A fleet manager needs to be able to rely on a partner that can provide solutions to improve the journey of your drivers. A partner that stays involved and informed of industry changes, supporting you to better your business. With Shell, you can be sure of a partner that will use their experience and expertise to help you.

How the consultation process works

At Shell we understand that each customer has different needs. This is why we don’t provide one tolling solution for all. It’s about understanding your business and it's operations to find the electronic toll payment solution that meets your needs.

  1. For further consultation please fill out our questionnaire here
  2. A Shell SOTR (Services on the Road) specialist will get in touch with you to discuss your business and operational needs
  3. Based on the discussion, we provide you with advice and recommend solutions to address your needs
  4. Where it’s needed, we provide you with onboarding support whilst you’re setting up your solutions
  5. Your business now has a sustainable tolling solution for the future


Your e-tolling offer & benefits with Shell

Your business – your demands. With our experience and expertise, we provide tailor-made tolling solutions that fit your individual needs and keep your fleet running in an efficient and sustainable way.

Frequently asked questions & documents

We want to keep you always well informed and up-to-date. Find answers to your questions in this overview section plus further information materials for you to download.

EETS – Everything you need to know

With EETS Europe is on its way to a tolling system that works all across the continent. Find out more about how it works, who are its partners and participants and how it has developed until now.