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Map of Europe with the availability of EETS
Detail 1

Green: Shell’s one-box solution

Countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain

All of the countries marked in green are part of Shell’s one-box network. As we work together with more than one EETS provider, we cover the entire EETS network and every further country as soon as they have joined.

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Dark grey: Expected in 2021

Countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Countries marked in dark grey are expected to join the EETS One Box network in 2021. In the meantime you can pay tolls here with your Shell Card by using an OBU from a local toll provider.

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Grey: Expected in 2019/2020

Countries: Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden

Countries marked in grey are expected to join the EETS One Box network in 2019 or 2020. In the meantime you can pay tolls here with your Shell Card by using an OBU from a local provider.

Detail 4

Light yellow: Local solutions

Countries marked in light yellow do not offer an EETS One Box solution yet. But you can use your Shell Card in these countries to buy a vignette or to pay for an OBU by a local provider.

Press the marked areas to learn more about each

On-board units of Shell partners
On-board units of Shell partners

More than just a one-box solution!

Supporting a unique partnership with three leading EETS providers Shell can offer the best custom-tailored e-tolling solutions that suit every business. Pay your tolls in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium (incl. the Liefkenshoek Tunnel), Germany (incl. Herrentunnel and Warnowtunnel) and partly Poland with one of these or combine them with a local solution.

More boxes, more benefits: All e-tolling services you need provided by one partner. Benefit from our quick and easy registration process and find all your tolling data and invoices in one place.

Be the first: As soon as more countries join EETS, they will immediately be part of our network. Updates will happen quickly and “over-the-air” without additional installation fees.

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Easy planning & administration

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Easy planning and administration

With Shell you can consolidate all your road service needs through one supplier. Use your Shell Card to pay for every toll service you may need with an offer individually fitted to your needs.

  • More than 30 years experience in toll payment
  • Toll payment in 25 european countries*
  • Post payment with OBU devices in 16 countries*
  • Toll payment with a single device in 8 countries*
  • Easy self-installation of OBUs, quick and easy registration via the Shell eRoad Services portal
  • Over-the-air updates in case new countries are added to the offer
  • All your toll and fuel expenses in one place (invoice)
  • One expert group for all toll questions

* information is accurate as of July 2019

Save time and money

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Save time and money

Rely on a tailored tolling solution that will keep your processes efficient and sustainable. Even though the number of on-board units you need can vary and change over time – with Shell you will always find the combination that fits you best.

  • Single payment for all expenses in customer's own currency
  • One set of invoices with itemised VAT (where applicable)
  • Refund of cross-border VAT on both fuels and tolls
  • Access to frequent user rebates granted by toll operators
  • Save time with the Shell eRoad Services portal for quick and easy registration and reporting

* information is accurate as of July 2019

Stay in control

A man is looking at a truck’s freight wearing a yellow safety vest.
Stay in control

The European toll landscape is a fast-developing and complex business. With Shell you have a reliable partner, who allows you to maintain an overview and gives you the best-fitting solution for smooth operations and peace of mind.

  • Quick and easy access to up-to-date tolling news at any time
  • Track and Trace functionality – know where your fleet is
  • Easy planning and management of your toll expenditures with Shell toll calculators

Feel secure

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Feel secure

Keeping your drivers safe and your fleet secure are the key to running your business smoothly. The Shell Card uses most modern technologies to keep your transactions, for both tolls and fuel, secure to protect you from fraud and unauthorized access to your data.

  • Transactions are transparently displayed online and can be tracked easily
  • Advanced controls & purchase restrictions
  • Up-to-date tolling news to help you avoid fines and misuse


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