So it’s not nearly as catchy, but China’s MotionECO has been no less successful in transforming negatives into positives or, as the old saying goes, lemons into lemonade.

The problem

With China’s rapid development, air pollution has grown into a public health hazard. Its citizens also have to contend with 5 million tonnes of potentially harmful used cooking oil that is regularly recycled back into the food system, an illegal trade that poses a significant health risk.

The solution

MotionECO seeks to transform used cooking oil into sustainable biofuels that can reduce green house gases from air, road and marine transportation by as much as 90% – simultaneously tackling the challenges of food safety, waste cooking oil and pollution. A win-win-win.

The how

MotionECO start by connecting waste cooking oil collectors with biodiesel producers. A big part of their role is then encouraging big transportation companies to switch to this eco-friendly fuel. Thankfully, since the first commercial flight powered by cooking oil in 2011, the world is waking up to the potential of this sustainable biofuel.

The help

MotionECO is receiving financial backing and support from Shell to help put their bright energy idea into action.