ballerina jump

Driven to dance.

Kylie Shea Lewallen isn’t your typical ballerina. Whatever she’s doing, she does it with the passion of a dancer who was born to perform.

Kylie loves to make “crazy” videos that show off her skills as a master performer. And now she’s joined forces with Shell V-Power to bring to life her philosophy with a stunning clip to reveal the refined talent that leads to perfection.

“My teacher always used to tell me that the freedom in your movement lies in the strength and discipline you develop when you’re younger. The more you work within the box with your technique, the more you can step out of it when it’s time to perform.”

male gymnast on pommel horse

A perfect 10 performance.

As an Olympic gymnast, Brinn Bevan is a master of movement and power. He pushes his body to the limits of possibility.

The challenging path the 19-year-old has taken has seen him become a world-class gymnast and the embodiment of performance and efficiency. But the road to becoming a master performer hasn’t been easy.

“Being able to use all your power and strength in sync with each other and in a controlled way is really important to protect yourself.”

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